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People I can’t take seriously #178

14 Nov

People who spell “Microsoft” with a dollar sign in place of the ‘s’.

Windows Live Messenger: the preferred IM client for Teletubbies

11 Oct

I was changing my display picture in Windows Live Messenger (the IM client we use at work) and saw these options:

This is impressive, but I don’t think the technology will be truly mature until I can also create a SqueeGee, a MeedelyBoo, and a WumbleTiggerNooNooBaaBaa.

Cripes. What are these companies thinking?

Hard work and a detour to Palo Alto

18 Sep

Man, I am so busy. I’m working furiously on two vast and concurrent projects, one for the upcoming Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 launch, and another for Intuit.

The Intuit job has taken me down to San Jose twice for project meetings. I’d never been to Silicon Valley before. As we drove down 101 from the airport, I got a nerdy kick out of seeing Intel, Yahoo, and other heavyweights from the highway. Its as if Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Eddie Bauer, and Starbucks were all within a mile of each other up here in Seattle.

By an astonishing coincidence, my second trip down to San Jose happened the day my mom and stepdad drove up to central California for a vacation. They decided to keep heading north and meet me in San Jose – we got to hang out a little on Thursday night, then have breakfast on Friday morning before my meeting.

That evening our team from Write Image had dinner in downtown Palo Alto before our flight home. Holy Ned, is downtown Palo Alto swell. It has many ethnic restaurants (we ate at a fantastic Greek place), cool yet geeky sculpture,

Digital DNA

a high-tech pay toilet,

Palo Alto pay toilet

and two art house/revival movie theaters.

Cary Grant double feature

I truly love it up here, but seeing the Spanish-style architecture and the bungalows sitting along tree-lined boulevards gave me a pang of homesickness for California.

Palo Alto post office

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