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M3GAN: the Modern Prometheus

10 Jan

I took myself out to see M3GAN last night. At the surface level it’s a fun “robot turns evil” movie, but then I noticed how much closer to Shelley’s Frankenstein it is than most. And then I thought about it in the context of how much human connection today takes place within spaces created and defined by software engineers. I did not expect to have thoughts! It’s a good start to 2023, horror movie-wise.

Science fiction DVDs on sale at Amazon

11 Nov

ATTENTION, NERDS: I just got an e-mail from announcing discounts of up to 50 percent off on select science fiction DVDs.

Mind you, most of the titles are things like Species 2, Squirm, and Alien From L.A.

Here are a few of the better titles (Amazon Associates links):

The Martian Chronicles (1980)

Alien: The Director’s Cut

Aliens (Special Edition)

I, Robot


The Abyss (Special Edition)

Admittedly, I haven’t seen The Abyss; but I hear it’s very good. I also haven’t seen The Martian Chronicles since it aired more than 25 years ago. Dang.

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