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Jay Inslee’s “Save Internet radio” bill

30 Apr

My representative, ladies and gentlemen! Fighting to keep Net radio alive.

In March, the [Copyright Royalty Board] drastically increased royalty rates for webcasters – starting retroactively at $0.0008 per song in 2006 and climbing to $0.0019 per song in 2010. Though it costs only fractions of a penny per song, the change amounts to a 300 percent cost increase for the largest webcasters and up to a 1200 percent increase for smaller operations.

…The Inslee-Manzullo Internet Radio Equality Act, H.R. 2060, would provide royalty parity for Internet radio providers. It would vacate the CRB’s March 2 decision and apply the same royalty rate-setting standard to commercial Internet radio, as well as satellite radio, cable radio and jukeboxes. A transition rate of 7.5 percent of revenue would be set through 2010.

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RIP, Don Ho

17 Apr

Singer Don Ho dies at 76

When I was eight years old and stationed in the Philippines, “Tiny Bubbles” was huge. We boys wanted to be cool and casual like Don Ho. (We also wanted to be lightning fast and deadly like Bruce Lee. Kids want to be lots of stuff, not all of it consistent.)

Funny how 76 used to seem unbelievably ancient to me. Now that it’s only 36 years away from my age now, it seems a little close for comfort.

Rockett Science Store updated, or: “Oh my God you have to read/hear/watch/try this!”

2 Feb

The Rockett Science shop is my own small corner of, where I post links to good books that I’m reading, CDs that I’m listening to, movies that I’ve seen recently, and anything else that I think is nifty. If you buy any of these items using the links in my store, I get a few cents’ worth of credit at Amazon. Everybody wins! And by “everybody” I mean “mostly Amazon”!

I hadn’t dusted the shelves in a while, so I went in the other day and updated everything. The new front section (Latest and Greatest) has the most recent things that I’ve been digging, while the Tried and True section collects the stuff that’s stood the test of time for me.

I’m making an effort to keep the “Currently Digging” section of my sidebar up to date with things that I am indeed currently digging, such as Cory Doctorow’s short story collection Overclocked.


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