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WordPress, Linux, Windows, and GoDaddy

17 Jul

Last night I got the debit card for my new bank account, dedicated to my nerdy Web projects. I immediately purchased a hosting plan from GoDaddy, and this morning attempted to install WordPress. I got the error, “”Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.”


However, a quick search of the WordPress support forums revealed the truth of the old axiom “When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” Given the choice between Windows-based and Linux-based hosting, I’d opted for Windows. The trouble is, Windows-based hosting doesn’t support PHP. So I need to switch operating systems.

However, the hosting setup is apparently still churning on GoDaddy’s servers and I can’t switch until it’s finished. Which is fine, I’m not in a hurry. I’m just eager to get it done.

Interviews with talented writers Jaq Greenspon, Wolfgang Baur, and Zia Munshi are in the can. The first episode of the Writing For Pay podcast is almost finished – I just need to tweak my intro a little more and record a final segment. Then I’ll switch operating systems, set up WordPress, sign up for AdSense, configure the Blixkrieg theme, upload the audio files, pipe them to iTunes, and start promoting the ‘cast.

And I need to create a 300×300 graphic for the show, or pay/persuade someone to do it for me.

Science report 1.3.2007

3 Jan


  • Created a second WordPress blog, which is not quite presentable yet.
  • Spoke with my wife and my friend Jim about the pros and cons of Blogger and WordPress.
    • My wife is thoroughly unimpressed with WordPress. She mainly wants to post pictures, and Blogger lets you upload them directly to the blog. WordPress…well, I guess it does too, sort of. But not as easily as in Blogger.


  • Am struggling with post-holiday and post-illness fatigue.
  • Many people are still out on vacation. It’s slow and quiet. This makes me antsy.
    • Not antsy enough to want to update spreadsheets with new product names, though.


  • New Year’s Eve was quiet. We watched a Fred and Ginger movie and ate Chinese food from Imperial Wok – the only good Chinese restaurant in Bothell.
  • Crab Rangoon Wontons are excellent, mainly because of the name.
  • We spent our anniversary doing small things. We bought ourselves small gifts that would make our lives better, such as notebooks and desktop organizers. We bought bottled water from Wales and cookies from England. We ate steak and garlic mashed potatoes.
  • This Saturday we’ll go out on the town.
    • Must get concert tickets for Benaroya Hall.
  • My weight gain in 2007 causes me to resemble Otis, Lex Luthor’s bumbling henchman in Superman: The Movie. This year I return to Weight Watchers.


  • Messed about with the iRiver, testing it in church to see if it would pick up Fr. John’s sermon, and in a conference room to see how it registered me speaking in a quietly conversational tone.
    • It works pretty good.
  • Began reading Podcasting For Dummies.
  • Discovered Odeo Studio.
  • Mixed a test recording on Audacity – me speaking over the randomly chosen song “Ziggy Stardust”.

Science report 12.28.2006

28 Dec



  • Taking advantage of a brief post-holiday lull to update timesheets, organize e-mail and docs, and work on small, low priority projects.
  • Installed Skype.


  • Our 12-year wedding anniversary approaches.
  • As does the iRiver mp3 player/recorder that didn’t make it in time for Christmas.
    • When the iRiver arrives, podcasting will ensue.
  • Unknown Armies one-shot at Phoenix Games rescheduled for January 5th.

Outstanding issues

  • The Redeemer site still displays the wrong day for events. Where’s the problem – in the RS Events plugin, or the LivingOS PSI template? Or is it perhaps Satan?
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