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Pure cane sugar Dr Pepper

19 Oct

I forgive Gmail completely for offering me sex toys the other day just beecause a friend wrote “my pleasure” in an e-mail message.

Just now, out of nowhere, it served up an ad for pure cane sugar Dr Pepper through Old Doc’s Soda Shop. Ever since I learned of it, I’ve wanted to try this original-recipe soda that is only available through select retail outlets (such as Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles) or at your local store if you live near the bottling company in Dublin, Texas.

Hooray, Gmail! You’re learning!

I see that you have polite friends! Perhaps you’d like a vibrator?

17 Oct

I wrote an e-mail to a friend who’d sold me a book, letting him know that it had arrived and thanking him. He wrote back, “Absolutely my pleasure, enjoy it!”

Gmail picked up on this exchange and felt that I might be interested in seeing an ad for sex toys.

Oh, Gmail. You try so hard to be helpful.

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