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Meme it like it’s hott: My week in media

31 Jan

PR Geek tagged me with the My Week In Media meme. Let’s see what I’ve been consuming!

What I’ve read

I started reading The Hard Way by Lee Child, and a short story by my friend Philip. My co-workers and I normally meet during lunch to read newspaper advice columns to each other and make fun of them, but our workload is so heavy that we only got to do that once. My friend Gregory mailed me an article he clipped out about Peter Gomes.

What I’ve watched

We started Season 3 of The Wire, and a British sitcom called Black Books. Over the weekend we watched Paprika, a feature-length anime. We caught occasional episodes of The Daily Show (renamed “A Daily Show” since the writers’ strike began), bits of The Colbert Report, and reruns of Scrubs.

What I’ve listened to

Lots and lots of podcasts: MacBreak Weekly, Never Not Funny (a new one to me), The Sound of Young America, The Writer’s Almanac, Pray As You Go, Buzz Out Loud, and The Weekly Geek. I’ve also continued to indulge an inexplicable craving for 70s and early 80s heavy metal of the leather/spikes/ridiculous Satanic imagery subgenre. The jewel in the crown here is a mashup of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath I discovered called “Whole Lotta Sabbath”.

What I’ve surfed

A couple of the podcasts prompted me to look for comedy video clips on Funny or Die, YouTube, and Super Deluxe. I watch Twitter obsessively and have been adding people like Mike Monteiro and Scott Simpson to my Follow list. (Whenever Merlin Mann praises someone, I check them out immediately.) I am playing six games of Scrabulous on Facebook. A few people I know joined Pownce and Plaxo so I’ve been poking around those services. I’ve been hitting a lot of blogs by people in PR and marketing with a focus on copywriting and/or social media.

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