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Running 13th Age at Emerald City ComicCon

27 Feb

13th Age Escalation Edition v6I’ll be joining fellow Game Masters Ash Law, Eric Franklin, Cail Musick-Slater and Daniel Splitter to run demo sessions of 13th Age, the upcoming pen-and-paper fantasy roleplaying game, at Emerald City ComicCon this weekend.

Gamerati is kindly giving us table space.┬áMy shift is on Sunday, but you pretty much can’t go wrong with this lineup, so drop by anytime.

Also! 13th Age artist Aaron McConnell will be selling prints and doing sketches in Artist’s Alley,┬áTable 2617 on Level 4 Show Floor.

Hope to see you there!

SmiteFest 2 recap: in a word, awesome.

7 May

Once again, SmiteFest rocked.

The day started early, when Eric and I went to the KOMO 1000 studios to appear on Charlie Harger‘s radio show. We talked about SmiteFest, trends in gaming, trends in church, and how the nature of community is changing in the 21st century. At Charlie’s urging I also once again challenged the Lutherans to come to SmiteFest and show the Episcopalians how they roll.

We met again at noon in the undercroft at Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. Eric and Stephanie came loaded with roughly a gazillion games:

SmiteFest 2

After setting up, we kicked off eight hours of gaming! About 20 people showed up (including a couple of Third Place Gamers) to play games such as Sarcophagus, Dominion, Cribbage, Blokus, El Grande, Risk, and many more.

SmiteFest 2

SmiteFest 2

You can find a full list of what we played (with commentary) at BoardGame Geek.

We had pizza from Pagliacci, fresh-baked cookies, and just generally had a blast. We can’t wait to do it again.

Video from The Pitch

5 Jan

In mid-December, I attended a round-table discussion on the future of the news industry along with a slew of amazingly smart and creative people.

I was there with other Weber Shandwickians representing the Windows Media Center team, who sponsored the event. (As part of our work for them I contribute to the TV on Your PC Roundup blog — checkit.)

After the discussion we asked several newshound bloggers in attendance told us what top stories they were following:

I suspect if we’d asked them that question a few days later, they would have all said “the snow.”

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