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Radio Silence for the week of Thanksgiving

18 Nov

The missus and I are going to Georgia on Monday, to spend time with my dad and his side of the family for Thanksgiving. We come back on the following Saturday. I’m not bringing my laptop so it’s A WEEK WITHOUT THE INTERWEB.

Well, I’ll probably be able to check my e-mail on my parents’ computer a couple of times. And I coould post an occasional photo to Flickr using my camera-telephone.

While we’re there, we plan are to eat at Chick Fil-A and Waffle House I also plan to eat at Krystal, but don’t tell Angela. She’ll just make a face.

I wonder if it’s too late in the year for boiled peanuts?


Y’all have a happy Thanksgiving! Except the Canadians, who will be too preoccupied with changing their flag so it features the Batman symbol.

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